Debbie (debmats) wrote,

BaltiCon - T minus 2

Last Wednesday, I had planned on going into the office in the morning for meetings and telecommuting the rest of the day. Things got busy, so I ended up in the office until 4:30. Drove directly to Dark Carnival for the book signings and to meet Joey for dinner.

Made it to DC around 5:45 - not bad for rush hour traffic. ElizaBeth Gilligan and Irene Radford were there to sign their books. Unfortunately, there wasn't a very big crowd - in fact, by the time I got there, there was just Joey and then me. Had a nice conversation with IR - I'd read her first series, but hadn't read anything recently. Stocked up and so I'll catch up. Bought another copy of EG's book - had started it while I was on vacation in Taos, but it's one of those that you have to be in the mood for, and I wasn't. Had lent my copy to Foxy in the meantime. Oops. I had met her at SiliCon in the Liaden Lounge years ago.

Took Joey out to celebrate his birthday. We ended up at a comfort food place close to the Claremont. Mashed potatoes were good as was the macaroni and cheese. Yum. Definitely comfort food.

Had gotten an email from Joey that he had arranged for me to have an intro to Harp from one of his friends. WOW!!! I just needed to meet up with Gwen at the Con somehow *grin* That was so nice of him =)

Thursday, ack... had to get stuff ready for BaltiCon! Getting the flu the weekend before really plays havoc on one's plans. Ended up hitting the laundry mat during lunch and doing what I absolutely had to have for the trip. Hit See's candy for munchies for the Liaden Lounge (3 pounds of assorted chocolate - next time I'll get the 5 pound box) and picked up some wine too. Beringer's White Merlot for Steve and Beringer's gewurztraminer. They're both good. Decided to bring a Sattui's Muscat for me.

Went over to Foxy's for dinner - he made walnut pesto risotto... YUM! I'm trying to remember which movie we watched, and I'm drawing a complete blank. No DDR as I had about as much energy as a down pillow.

Got home around 10:00 - packed and tried to go to bed. Talked to Mat - boy was he wired. We decided to meet at the airport instead of the hotel. I was wired and plus I didn't want to oversleep - 6:10am flight meant I needed to be at the airport around 4am.

3:30am - up, showered and waiting for the taxi. Taxi came by 3:45 and I was at the airport at 4am. Only problem? The ticket counter didn't open until almost 4:45. Oh well. Zipped through security. Plane was on time. (one of very few)
Tags: balticon, friends, liaden

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