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BaltiCon update to follow...

It's been a busy week. Had a great time in Baltimore. Plane trip home was horrible. News awaiting me at home was pretty devastating.

Tuesday, as I was waiting for my 7:45am flight from Phoenix to Oakland to board - checked messages and found that Karen had wanted me to call her. Gave her call. My cousin Joanne had passed away suddenly on Sunday. She was only 5 years older than I. She leaves behind a 13 year old daughter. Funeral arrangements are pending an autopsy.

Also, my cousin Irene, who'd been fighting brain cancer, had slipped into a coma. Found out later that she passed away Monday night. Her funeral is next Monday night. Trying to figure out travel arrangements. I've got a 3 day class which starts on Tuesday, so I'm thinking about driving down Monday and driving back after the service. Poor Auntie Hey and Uncle Mits. Damn.

I feeling numb - it hasn't really hit me. Irene, we were expecting. She's one of my older cousins - already an adult by the time me & my sisters came around. But Joanne? Joanne's the crazy cousin who we did stuff with - like go to Disneyland or yak for hours. Growing up, we almost always stayed with her family when we visited LA.

* * * * * * * * *

On a happier note, my cousin Byron and his wife Jennifer are expecting again - baby is due in October. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and sending much good wishes and prayers that this time everything works out.
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