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Week in Review

Taking a break from the final homework assignment for this XML class. Final is next Thursday/Friday (which I'll have to take from pezazul's). This week's topic? Creating a Computational Style Sheet. Oh joy.

Finally got around to doing laundry. Was afraid that I'd have to do laundry at Kev's again.

Let's see, what have I been up to?

Last Sunday, Karen & I did the Farmers' Market followed by a dim sum lunch at Jade Villa's. The fruits are all coming into season. Blueberries, peaches, strawberries and grapes!

Did some homework. Go Me!

Met trektone at Dark Carnival for some retail therapy. I wanted Michelle Sagara's Cast in Secret. Woe is me, they didn't have it. Joey was nice enough to take me to Other Change of Hobbit and they had it and there was much joy. I think that this may have been only the second time that I have actually gone to the store. The last time was when George Takei was there (and I got his book Mirror Friend, Mirror Foe signed). Maybe 20 years ago????

We had dinner at Jayakarta in Berkeley. We decided on getting the rice table and trying a bunch of different things. Type of lumpia, something steamed in banana leaves (I just don't the like the smell), yellow curry, soup and topped off with coconut ice cream. There was more, but I can't remember what they were called.

Monday, went to herefox's for dinner and a gaming night. Blackberry chicken and mushroom risotto. Yum! Got to meet Mike (aka Pet) and Alex (aka Henry). Also joining the gaming were Gregg and Hector. Arkham Horror. Next time, I will bring a MAGNIFYING GLASS. I couldn't read the print on the card no matter how far away I had the card. A flashlight might have helped too.

Tuesday, Mike, Foxy & I went to HP Pavillion to the American Idols Concert. Either I'm getting old, or it was a bit loud. Could have been that we were too close to the speakers? Enjoyed Melinda, Blake and Jordin the most. The girls behind us were definitely Sanjaya fans.

Wednesday - got rid of the greys and my hair is now shoulder length. Well sort of. It depends on how curly it's feeling...

Thursday, Foxy & I saw Theatreworks' Theophilus North. I really enjoyed it. Much laughter.

Friday, Joycie and I went to the cult gym. Go Us!

Later, lilacfairy and I had brunch at Jim's and then did a bit of shopping at Best Buy. Lots of chatting. =)
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