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Preparing for Obon

A week ago Tuesday, I took the kids to their first Obon practice. 7:30pm - a bit late for Alani and it showed. She spent most of the practice taking my purse apart and taking out all of the fans and kachi kachis and decorating the floor. I figured she was a bit young at this point.

Kyle had a blast. He even commented after we learned a new dance -"hey, I learned it faster than you, Auntie Debbie". Yeah. 4 new dances for me - and two of them had come out last year. I think I've got the baseball dance figured out. Thank goodness for the kachi kachi dance and tanko bushi.

Obon is this Saturday - I'll have to get everything out and aired. Kids didn't dance last year but everything should fit because we had bought new stuff last year.

Dancing for lots of people this year - hatsuobon - first obon *sigh*. Jenny, Michael and Rick plus coworker Gary, Chris' parents, Paulie's mom and leena's dad.

ETA 07-28-07 How could I have forgotten? This is Auntie Mary's hatsuobon too. *sigh*
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