Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Gatorade still tastes awful

Well, I'm on my second batch of the stuff. "High Tide" - yeah beach water, though I think the ocean tastes better. Had "Glacier Freeze" earlier. Lady at work who does triathlons for fun, said for me to try the "light purple stuff" She likes the orange stuff, but I can't drink any more orange flavored things unless they're Real Juice (TM)

Tomorrow I'm going to work - meetings with a consultant. Ah well, if he irritates me too much, I will cough on him. Going to telecommute in the afternoon. (why my boss keeps scheduling meetings on days he knows I'm out of the office, I do not know *sigh*)

Going to Dark Carnival after work to get a book or two signed - ElizaBeth Gilligan & Irene Radford will be the guests and then going to dinner with Joey. Have to remember to pick up the newest KJ Erickson mystery - HB - *sigh*

Will have to do laundry on Thursday or I will have an interesting assortment of clothes to wear at BaltiCon...
Tags: friends, me, work

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