Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Yesterday started with the cult gym. Then I spent the next bit of time trying to find wrapping paper - all my non-xmas paper must be in the storage unit. Oh well - herefox's present ended up being wrapped in snow people paper.

Hadn't gotten a phone call, but as it was close 2pm, I headed over to St. George's for their open house. Did a walk through but didn't see the birthday boy, so I went outside to wait. Enjoyed the afternoon sun and watching the fog creep over the Bay Bridge. Great views of SF from Alameda Point! Went back in and found Foxy - they'd been there after all. Roll call? herefox, his roommates Clint & Hector, Gregg and Jason (phyxis), toob, mut and jakebe. Rob and Gearl (arlon).

The Thai Fighter - which has that basil brandy that Foxy really likes and ginger syrup among its chief ingredients? Yuk.

Did enjoy the very old pear brandy, but not enough to spend $200/bottle for it.

The mini scones with clotted cream and fruit tasted much better after adding some of the berry jam that one of the other vendors had for tasting.

Recchutti Chocolate - I was bad and had several pieces of dark chocolate covered orange peel. =)

Birthday dinner at Acapulco.

Age came up at some point in the conversation... I was asked how old I was and I said "old enough to be your Mother." Checking my links in this post? Oh yeah, I sure as heck could have been old enough. Oy...

Sunday, K & I did the Farmers' Market - yummm blueberries - two quarts worth - all mine! Other stuff in my basket? Artichokes, daikon, white peaches, nectarines, bok choy and corn.

Lunch at Silver Dragon - hom yee yuk was not as we remembered. *sniff* I have the leftovers and am thinking about adding fish sauce to it.

Homework - this week's torture? Working With Cascading Style Sheets: Formatting Your XML Documents. Oh, and a midterm. *sigh*
Tags: friends, life, xml

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