Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Did the gym thing today. Go Me.

K & I went out to brunch at Tomatino's and then to Emery Bay to see a movie. She wanted to see Sicko. I wanted to see Ratatouille, 1408 or Live Free or Die Hard. We went to see Live Free. It was totally unbelieveable fun. Lots of kabooms. Did like the scene with the helicopter and the car.

MP driver looked very familiar - It made me crazy when I couldn't remember where I'd seen him before. Ah... is your friend. Yancy Arias was one of the detectives on Charmed.

The guy who had the second lead looked very familiar. Justin Long is the guy who has been doing the MAC/PC commercials.

While we were waiting at CA Pizza Kitchen, saw somebody who looked very familiar. It finally hit me - I told K - he looks like Patrick Reyes - a guy we had gone to high school with. Next thing we heard was "Patrick, table for 5"... I hadn't seen him since high school - almost 30 years. Maybe my brain is not so empty after all.
Tags: family, friends

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