Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Flu Season over? NOT!

Well, am feeling somewhat back in the living. Much better than yesterday.

Was feeling a little silly about going to doc. Talked to doc, well actually P.A. Heidi this trip, she checked me out and let me know that I had the flu. I told her, "I had a flu shot". Well, she said, "you got the other flu". No meds, I seem to be getting better on my own. Dang. Just that I needed to rest some more as I still was running a low grade fever. I had a rapid pulse because I was dehydrated - so drink gatorade (bleeech) and to eat something otherwise my blood sugars would mess up even more. Only problem is trying to find something that tastes good.

So I guess I had Alani's cold for two days and then got a late season flu. Pooh.
Tags: me

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