Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Prep for breakfast

Things to prep:

  • Clean grapes

  • Clean and slice up strawberries

  • Clean blueberries

  • Make watermelon balls

  • Make canteloupe balls

  • Make honey dew balls

  • Slice up sausages

  • Clean and slice up 15-20 pounds of potatoes, season and bake

  • Measure out 10 cups of rice

  • Get small bag of sugar

Things to do on Monday:

  • GET STERNO from back of van!!!

  • Go to Costco and pick up eggs, muffins, croissants, orange and apple juices AND TP for K

  • Set up 2B (coffee urn, rice cooker, chaffing dish, serving dishes)

  • pick up half and half for coffee

  • Make sure to get electric room key!

Set three alarms.
Go to bed NOW!

Day of Breakfast:

  • Be up by 5am, turn on oven and finish baking potatoes

  • Leave home by 6am

  • Coffee urn must be on by 7am

  • wash rice and turn on by 7am

  • Get first couple dozen eggs started by 7:15

  • Make sure chaffing dishes are on

  • Cook first batch of sausages

  • cut up muffins

  • serve up fruits

  • Breakfast is served at 7:30

Tags: annual breakfast, work

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