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Weird dream Friday night. Not sure what was in the air, but herefox had a dream involving bowling balls too.

Dreamed I was in Reno for a Nisei bowling tournament. We had to drive in a bus along roads of empty fields. K had come too, and we were playing slots. Found out that Dan Blocker of Bonanza fame was signing autographs and K wanted to get something autographed. So we went and had a nice chat with him and remembered G when she was a candy stripper(???) and how she had been nice to him when he had been in the hospital with pneumonia.

I have no idea where this dream came from and what significance (if any) it has.

Saturday, did the gym thing. Go Me!

Then took Sean home with a stop for breakfast at Hobee's. Yum - blueberry coffeecake!

K & I went to Tokyo Fish Market for some retail therapy. Picked up some maguro for Sunday dinner.

Sunday, I went to the farmers' market - picked up a flat of strawberries, a quart of blueberries, 2 pounds of white peaches, daikon, eggplant and a couple of lumpia.

Picked up grapes and napkins and a watermelon for Tuesday's breakfast. DP was on sale!

K & I then did a Costco run. Picked up chicken apple sausages, candy for the candy jar, canteloupes, honey dew and 20 pounds of red potatoes - mostly for Tuesday's breakfast.

Have no idea where G & the kids were, but K & I enjoyed the fish for tonight's dinner.

List of things to do tonight:

  • Clean grapes

  • Clean and slice up strawberries

  • Clean blueberries

  • Make watermelon balls

  • Make canteloupe balls

  • Make honey dew balls

  • Slice up sausages

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