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Thursday & Friday

Thursday... went to cult gym first thing as I hadn't been able to motivate myself to go on Wednesday. Go me! Thursday lunch was the Employee Picnic. I had a lovely cheeseburger with chili. My lunch was tasty - but I was lucky. Some of my coworkers' choices were not as good. I guess I was a "baby bear". Joe's hamburger was cold, which made him a "mama bear". Tony's was much rarer than he liked...

Each department hosted a game - where you could win tickets for the raffle. I managed to toss a dart and completely miss the board filled with balloons. It sailed over the board and almost got the assistant director of parks & rec. OOPS! It was a windy day and all. My aim couldn't have been that bad *weg*.

Thursday evening, herefox and I went to see Theatreworks's production of Elephant Man. Enjoyed it - the man who played John Merrick was fantastic.

Stopped back at Foxy's so he could finish packing and then off to Alameda.

Friday, I did the gym thing again. I am determined to keep up with the at least 3 times a week at the gym.

Breakfast at Jim's, then stops at Peet's, Books Inc (no Lee), the Party Warehouse (4th of July pinwheels and beads for the kidlets) and the newly reopened Urban Forest. We were bad as usual - I did get a new Tree of Life necklace by Oberon. I now own that pattern on a belt buckle, scrapbook, necklace and hair barrette. Picked up a piranha hand puppet for Kyle and a raccoon one for Alani.

Stopped at storage units to see if I could find my blood pressure monitor. I have no idea where it is. Ditto for my iron. Did pull out a fan and a couple of boxes to sort through. (box labeled important papers among them) Back to my place so Foxy could put up clips to hang the new phone cable from the ceiling. He worries that I have ellayn's syndrome with climbing on step stools and ladders. I don't, but if he wants to hang the cable, he can *weg*.

Next up, Best Buy - still need more memory for my computer. I guess my computer is too old (5 years?) as they don't stock it and it would cost something over $200 each chip (I need 512 mb rimms) and I need two of them. Maybe I will just uninstall Norton 2007 and install AVG and be done with it. Quick trip to Dark Carnival where I spent less than $40 (hello Ripley's?).

Parked the car in the lot at the corner of Hearst and Gayley. Then walked down to Euclid and ended up at LaVal's for dinner. The Eggplant parmigiana sandwich was much better once I added lots of chili pepper flakes and the greek salad was good too.

Got to the Greek Theatre around 6:15 or so. The True Colors Concert - the concert I was attending because Sean was determined to go and couldn't find anybody else to go with him. *g* Cyndi Lauper, Erasure (yay!!!), Debbie Harry, The Dresden Dolls, The Cliks (who?), Rosie O'Donnell and hosted by Margaret Cho.

Sean decided to hit the merchandise stand immediately. I actually got out of there without buying anything, though I was tempted by the black Erasure t-shirt. Had vague thoughts of buying a boa but I was good.

Figured out that the woman in the Raggedy Ann wig, red tutu dress and stripped stockings was a guy - I think it was the mustache that gave him away.

We all got an "Erase Hate" bracelet on the way in - it also said "".

Our seats were in section 9, row 10, seats one and two. Lots and lots of steps. I was very careful, I could just see graceful me go tripping (literally) down them. Our bottoms were not prepared for concrete risers. The smart people had brought pillows or stadium chairs. Next time... We kept an eye out for Joey & bf 2007 - they were in section 5.

I am not a huge Margaret Cho fan - she's a bit too raunchy for my tastes AND a lot of her patter goes right over my head. The bit about Jerry Falwell being reincarnated as a power bottom, and being tossed in a salad and p-n-p??????? Everybody seemed to think it was hilarious, but I was clueless. I'm not sure what made Sean laugh more - her jokes or my non-reactions to them.

First up were The Cliks from Ontario. Enjoyed them while I was listening to them, but the only thing I remember is thinking that they needed to work on their song endings. The songs just ended. Boom.

The Dresden Dolls - they were fun. The first time I ever heard Coin Operated Boy was in ame_chan's kitchen - Emily & Sorcha were tickled pink that I had never heard that song and so they along with Rainy & Sean sang it to me. My education is increasing. It's no wonder the drummer has no fat on him! He goes at the drums like Animal from Sesame Street played. Totally manic!

Debra Harry next. Of all the performers, I just couldn't get into her music. She did stuff I didn't know at all, but the person in the next section absolutely loved her and danced the entire time. I actually decided to go find the restrooms and much to my surprise, the line for the men's was much longer than the women's!!!

Ah the joys of smelling smoke and pot when the wind drifted the wrong way. There was a group of 4-5? women sitting behind us, and one of the women was forever getting up and going to get more beer. She used any head or shoulder which was in her way to balance herself as she staggered in and out of the row. Then there was the woman sitting directly in front of Sean who kept leaning back and putting her hands out - right where Sean's feet were supposed to go. I think she liked living dangerously. You see the problem with sitting on giant stairs was that half the stair was your seat and the other half behind you was the walkway/where the row behind you put their feet.

The woman behind me must have thought I was a brooding hen and her cold toes were eggs. She kept sticking her feet into my back (wooden sandals) or under my bottom and wiggling her toes. Excuse me. Yay for drunkness. *sigh*

Really enjoyed Rosie O'Donnell. Enjoyed her monologue about how her kids were handling other kids reactions to them have two moms.

Erasure!!! I've been listening to their music since K had 5 cds on constant repeat while we were taking care of Mom: Cranberries's No Need to Argue, Seal's Seal, Midnight Oil's Diesel & Dust and Earth, Sun & Moon, Erasure's I Say, I Say. Enjoyed them thoroughly!!!

Cyndi Lauper - She was fun =) The only song I knew by name were Girls Just Want to Have Fun, but I had heard most of them at one point or another.

They closed the concert with a group sing of True Colors and there were giant balloons batted around through the crowds. Lots of good feelings and warm fuzzies =)

We were going to try and meet Joey & bf2007 at Fenton's but traffic was insane trying to get down the hill, so we had to bag it.

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