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Paul & Valerie's Wedding

I'm playing catch up...

May 26th - K & I drove down to Merced for one of my bestest friend's son's wedding. Paul & Valerie have had it rough - her mother was against the wedding - this was the wedding that was supposed to have taken place last year.

There were still issues this time - but they were determined to be married, so they actually eloped in March. This service was to be a renewal of their vows in front of their family and friends. Sometime along the way, Valerie's grandma put her foot down and spread the word that the family needed to support the couple and that was that. Both of Valerie's grandmothers really like Paul =)

Checked into the motel and as we were wandering about I heard a familiar voice. T'was Dave - father of the groom! Quick hugs - the last time I had seen him (and the rest of the family) was at the wedding which hadn't taken place in Mariposa. Walked over to the church and soon there was hugging all around. Sony!!! Tadesse!!! Mom Burns and Dave's mom, Valerie.

Me & T
Tadesse is now much taller than I am. What is going on with all these kids??? *g*

Got to meet new niece, Thi *squeee*

Valerie's mother did attend the service. There were doubts whether she'd attend.

Paul just grinned as he stood at the front of the altar. He was so happy. *squeee*

Paul, Valerie & T being silly
Paul, Valerie & Tadesse

Sat at the reception with K, Sony, Dave & Thi, Mom Burns, Tommy & Katie. Haven't seen Tom in a while - maybe Dad Burns' Memorial service? There was an excellent, but unexpected Mariachi band (Valerie's mom hired them... more issues) - the bride was not happy. She & Paul had picked out all their favorite songs for the reception and they only had the DJ for 3 hours and the Mariachi band had been hired for two hours. Compromise was reached - Mariachi band played only for one hour and the DJ was hired for another hour.

Me & Sony
Me and Sony - with our eyes closed as usual

Afterwards, K & I had a long chat with T, Sony & Dave by the pool. We all had our eyes on Thi who had her eyes on the edge... (I kept thinking about how fast I could get to her if she fell in)

Later on, K, Sony & I chatted in the room, snarfing on the excellent guacamole that we had picked up at a near by store. K was able to hook up her camera to the tv so we could look at all the photos and avi files. =) T had done a fantastic Best Man toast!

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