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24 hour virtual rollercoaster

The ups and downs of the last day...

Yesterday started out simple enough - Community Development had their annual bbq for everybody in City Hall. Theme was baseball - hot dogs, salad, fruit, lots of peanuts and cracker jack. Saw Trisha right before hand in an A's jersey and she chided "where's yours?". Oops. I forgot. G & I had switched cars, so I didn't even have my A's jackets with me. Did have my A's mojo beads and my old season ticket holder badge, so I wore those. Did you know that a plain old hot dog is 8 WW points??!!! It was tasty.

herefox and I went looking for a quick dinner - Both Chipotle and the new pizza place were out because neither had unsweetened iced tea. Foxy had to have tea. Ended up a brand new place called Citrine (bistro). It had just opened last Thursday. I got tortilla soup and a cuban style pressed sandwich (oh well, there went any and all WW flex points for the week). Yum! Foxy got the same sandwich (salami!) and a large date and blue cheese salad. It says something when there's too much blue cheese even for him. We were in and out of there in less than 30 minutes.

Drove up to the City. Traffic was horrendous. Got to Slim's with no problem - definitely a "watch yourself" type neighborhood. Parking. We ended up parking in the Costco lot and then spent the next 10 minutes trying to figure out where you paid or whatever for the usage. There's ONE box down on the first floor in the corner. That's when we discovered that my purse was NOT IN THE CAR. MISSING even. I thought I handled myself fairly well. I didn't run around the car shrieking - just tossed everything in the car every which way - looking for the purse. I had no money for parking. No id, no credit cards...

Good thing the parking gizmo took credit cards as Foxy had less than $10 on him. Parking gizmo insisted on a space number - unfortunately we had parked at a space which HAD NO NUMBER. So I walked up two flights of stairs to where we had parked the car and moved it the bottom level where there was a space number. Some other poor lady had to do the same thing. She'd just had a horrible drive from in from the northbay where there had been fires?

As we walked up to Slim's, I called the restaurant. Got cut off. Tried again. The only reason I had the number is that I had picked up one of their to-go menus. I remember grumping and grouching because it was one of those cutesy name numbers. It takes me forever to figure out what the number is supposed to be. 877-4-Citrine. There's one extra number which also messes with my brain.

I got through and YES, THEY HAD IT! I could pick it up whenever - it would be in the safe. *much relief* But I'd have to go into work on my telecommute day. Oh well. The only thing I could figure out is that it had fallen out of my totebag.

So, we walked up to Slim's - walked through a cloud of pot on the way. I tried to remember the last time I'd done that and it had been a while. Oy.

Got to Slim's - they wanted ID. I am obviously over 21, but I had no ID. We did get to go in. They had minimum on credit card charges at the bar, so Foxy ended up getting a long island iced tea and TWO bottles of water =). Found a place to stand close to the entrance - loved the breezes. It was packed. Wished I'd had a katana at some points - tall guy who cut in front of me. I think Sean would have liked to use it on Wonderbra lady next to him - she was slightly drunk. Then there was the boogie guy next to me who kept bumping into to me. The guy in front of us was just there to humor his wife. Wife was madly snapping photos and wiggling around trying to get a good view.

I enjoyed the opener - Josh Hoge - liked his bachi song - 360 something or other - what goes around comes around - about his ex-girl friend. Loved his version of Ain't No Sunshine.

Elliot! I had a blast listening to Elliot Yamin. hee =) I think he was wearing a blue superman shirt =) He & Josh did a duet on Stevie Wonder's In The City. Some songs he did were Ghetto Boy, One Word, Take My Breath Away and Train Wreck (he introduced his band during that song *g*). His encore was A Song For You.

We made good time down the peninsula, and decided to stop at Citrine's - they close at 10 and it was 10:45 and maybe I could get my purse. They were cleaning up and the manager was still there so I could get my purse. YAY!!!! Purse was safe and sound. Thank you Citrine's! Thanks to the powers that be. =)

Got an email from Sony - Shawna is back home!!! Back with the family!!! Joyful, joyful news! Please keep her and her family in your thoughts - lots of healing needs to take place. I'm just so happy that she's home. It's been almost two years.

Wrote an lj post to wish indigorogue a very happy birthday. As I was checking the link, I read that her father had lost his battle with cancer. I don't know how I missed the post. Please keep 'Leena in your thoughts and prayers too.
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