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In Memory of Rick Saida (1960-2007)

Got the news this morning from Auntie Oscar that Rick had passed away sometime on Friday. I knew it was coming but still it's just so hard to believe. Rick was just two months younger than me. I didn't see him very often, but I'll miss his snarky comments and his laugh.

Rick was initially diagonsed with lung cancer late last year and had major surgery in early November. He'd been going through chemo and other treatments, but the cancer had spread to his liver and brain. He was originally going to hospice at home, but starting having seizures about a week ago and was moved to a skilled nursing facility. The general consenus was that the seizures were caused by cancer in his brain.

He leaves behind his brother Scotty, sister-in-law Laurie, nieces Kelsy and Rachel and nephew little Scotty. (come to think of it, Little Scotty is not little anymore - he's like 13? 14?)
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