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The weekend in 2 parts: The Sad...

I've got "Here I am Lord" stuck in my head. Considering the last funeral I went to was Buddhist, this is sort of strange. I guess with a couple of word changes, you could make the song into a Buddhist gatha. When Japanese Buddhists first came to the U.S. and needed songs in English, they would adapt Christian songs into Buddhist gathas- so it wouldn't be anything new.

Friday after work, I drove down to the San Jose Betsuin and met K & G. We had thought that we might grab some dinner before the service, but we ended up chatting with relatives instead. I think this had been the plan for many of the cousins, so we were all worried about growling tummies during the service *sigh*

Buddhist funeral/memorial services can be long - the family does incense offering during the sutra chanting and everybody else does incense offering on the way out and with lots of consoling/hugging the immediate family. After everyone leaves except for family & close friends, there is a 7 day memorial service. I think we finally got out of church around 9:45.

Mike's eulogy was done by one of his buddies - a friend of 30+ years. He shared stories about some of the goofy things they'd done together. He also read Mike's sons' letters of farewell. Mike would to go all the kids baseball games, basketball games, take them fishing and just spending lots of time with them. At the end, he asked that we all send Mike off with his secret wave - if you ever watched the Little Rascals - Mike had been using that wave to his kids since they were babies. Brett & grandson Brendan demonstrated for the congregation.

One of my favorite stories is how a very sheepish Mike came into the kitchen holding his bleeding nose - commenting that "Brett had given him a bloody nose". Now, Brett was probably no more than a year and half maybe? Mike had been lying on the floor, bouncing Brett up and down, when Brett reached down with his fingers and stuck them down Mike's nose. Oopsy... I think I was 10 at the time.

Talked to Phyllis - she's very interested in going to Ren Faire. I am to call her when I go next year - or possibly send her info about northern faire.

Auntie Yoshi is looking her usual fragile self - she's recovering from cracking a couple of vertebrae. She's so tiny. Auntie Nobuko is looking fragile too *sigh*.

Latest news on Rick is that they've gotten him a hospital bed at Scotty's. *more sigh*

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