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Ugh. Just finished my Ajax written final. Now I just have to finish the 4 programs.

1. Visit the Yahoo Pipes web site and register for an account if you don’t already have one. Create a pipe (mashup) using at least two data sources. Publish your pipe and link to it from your csmcis2 home page (or you could read it into an iframe in an html document.)

2. Create a Yahoo map using the Yahoo Map Web Service. Create a map subdirectory in your public_html directory. You will need to register for an application ID. You should use the directory for your application. There are many examples that you can use as a starting point for your map.
You can visit the Yahoo Geocoding API site for a request URL that you can modify to retrieve latitude and longitude using addresses:

3. Create a Google map using the Google Map Web Service. Use your map subdirectory when you register for your Google API key. Your files will only work in your map directory. You must use JSON or XML for your data source.
This excellent tutorial has many examples that you can use as a starting point for your Google map. Be sure to look at the XML and JSON examples.

4. Create a small Ajax application that uses JSON. You can look for examples online, or on WebAccess, but you must make it your own. Place your file(s) in the final directory.

Place all final files in your final or map directories in your public_html directory on the csmcis2 server. You might want to create additional directories for your image files
and your scripts. Create links on your index.html page to your final files.

Brain dead. I need to find something for dinner too.
Tags: ajax, programming

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