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American Cancer Society - Relay for Life 2007

Another relay all done. The Redwood City event - as of Sunday morning - had raised over $113,000 dollars!!!!

You can still donate (up through August!), click here.
A shout out goes to pezazul, cwhf, indigorogue, otaku_tetsuko, saruby and trektone - Thanks!!!

Got to the site just before opening ceremony. After the ceremony, I unloaded the car - no parking as usual because there were THREE events going on at the high school. I ended up with sore arms because I tried to carry too many things in the first load. (tent, sleeping bag, mat, memory board, backpack...). Dumb.

Pitched the tent, walked a bit, helped out with the snow cones. Within in 5 minutes I had tiger fire (sort of a spicy cherry) syrup up my arms and down my shirt. The pump did not function very well. Neither did the pina colada or the blue raspberry. Ugh. Liz Barajas swore we were all going to be inundated with bees and ants. Thank goodness we had lots of diaper wipes (Thanks Crystel and baby Mia!). There's no place to wash up - We made $156!

Ah, the joys of portapotties.

Unfortunately, the entire site was downwind of the portapotties. It didn't smell like a sewer - just that chemical cleaner icky sweet smell + moth balls. Joy. It could have been worse.

Laure won a mardi gras bead silver colored necklace which she dubbed "the official baton necklace". The "baton" was passed to each official walker along with the chains of paper clips (for each lap you walked, you got one paperclip). It was pretty heavy by the end of the event.

Faith came by and we had a nice chat. Didn't get to walk as I was on snow cone duty.

Debbi Jones-Thomas came by and walked 4 laps - between the chemo and radiation, she says her endurance is not very high. She's looking good though! I haven't seen her since before the holidays - I last talked to her when she'd found out that her breast biopsy had come back positive and she was looking at her treatment options.

Fire Department grilled chicken, burgers and hot dogs for dinner.

I walked from 6-7

K came by around 7:30pm. We went over to the Hawaiian Drive Inn for a quick dinner - chicken katsu for her, loco moco for me. I've never ordered it before, but hamburger, rice and gravy just sounded good.

Luminaria ceremony at 8:30. One of the survivors celebrated being cancer free for almost 40 years! Little Abigail Mendoza sang her favorite song about hope - she is 6 years old and has an inoperable brain tumor. Create-A-Smile is having a fund raiser for her on June 7th.

It's always so hard to do that first lap after all the candles have been lit. I think I found everybody. Mom, Grandpa, Uncle Joe & Auntie Mako, Uncle Tosh, Rick, Irene, Mom & Dad Burns, Jenny and Vicki Brown.

K & I walked until 10.

I decided to take a nap before my walk. Got the necklace from Gail Schuler at 1am and I walked until Joe relieved me at 3am. We didn't have anybody signed up for the 4am hour, so I talked Joe into walking an extra hour. He said he'd try, but it depended on how he was feeling. I knew that if I crawled into the sleeping bag, I'd be out until morning, so I made myself comfortable on one of the beach chairs and told Joe to wake me when he wanted to switch.

Joe woke me at 5am and I walked from 5-6. Did get to watch the sun rise. Gordon relieved me at 6. We didn't have anybody for the 7am shift, so I told Gordon that I'd relieve him at 7. I packed up my tent, took the first load to car, then moved the car to a closer parking space (2 blocks up!!!). Grabbed a diet pepsi, got comfy in a beach chair with a book and enjoyed the early morning sun. Next thing I know, Rosy is here for the 8am shift. Gordon says he walked by and saw that I was out and decided to let me sleep.

Firefighters were serving pancakes for breakfast.

I walked from 9-10. Closing ceremonies. One last lap.

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