Debbie (debmats) wrote,

In Memory of Michael Kihara 1944-2007

As I was getting into the car after having dinner with herefox, my cell phone rang. It was G, passing on the bad news that Mike had passed away around 5pm - initial cause was diverticulitis. I don't know much - I heard that he had had surgery today. Damn. Total shock.

Mike was born in Manzanar. He married my cousin Patty in 1968 and has been part of the family ever since. He was originally in banking, but then he ended up working in the same thing Dad did - produce - which worked out well. After work, he could usually be found on the golf course.

He leaves behind his wife Patty, sons Brett & his wife Trisha, and Chris & his wife Abby. Grandchildren - Tina and Brendan. Chris and Abby are expecting their first in July.

Mom always made sure that there was a banana cream pie at Thanksgiving for him.

I'll miss his mischievious grins.
Tags: family

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