Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Zapped again...

Alani loves to share - be it blue cotton candy or her sneezy, snuffly, coughy, cold.

Yup. I've got her cold. Feeling better now, no longer aching all over. Still congested and coughing. Hopefully, the extra time in bed has managed to keep this cold to a minimum. I've got too much going on to be sick *g*

Need to go to work tomorrow. Last minute changes to budget system need to be done. Final preparations for Relay for Life - thank goodness this is a work sponsored team, so I can do this stuff at work. Making out my list for luminarias - I added two more names to the "in memory of" page. Added another to "in honor of" page. The list keeps getting longer.

Not sleepy, but I guess I'll crawl into bed now.
Tags: family, me, relay for life

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