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The week

Monday was hard. Coworker's memorial was held at lunch - though I ended up missing it. I took off at 3pm for Jenny's memorial service. Got home around 4pm and then madly dashed around town - stops at Peet's Coffee, Gim's Chinese Restaurant (tray of beef & broccoli), MacDonald's (kids meals) and home (pick up rice, rice cooker, serving dishes & utensils, coffee urn). Got to the Sonido's around 5:10. G & kidlets were going to house & dog watch - I dropped off their dinner and then went off to St. Jo's.

Lots of people there to help set up hall for reception - familiar faces from all those Sonido parties over the years.

The service was heart felt - misstsapinay's eulogy was beautiful - they had managed to include the text on the last two pages of the program. Her love for family & friends, how she loved to travel and of course, all things DISNEY.

Joycie, Ron & Joe Ann spoke of their memories of Jenny & how much she was going to be missed. About her laughter and caring and generosity. Scripture readings were lovingly done by Wesley, Allison, Melissa and Brittany. Even nephew Shaun who couldn't attend (he's going to college in San Diego) managed to participate - he had recorded a song which was played at the service.

The church was pretty full - yay! They weren't sure what the turnout would be. There was just enough food =) Trays of meats and cheeses, rolls, two huge pans of pancit (yum!), lumpia, beef & broccoli, rice, fish, egg salad sandwiches and lots of desserts...

T'was nice to talk to Nancy, Adele, Lisa & Michael and Anna.

Tuesday was dinner at herefox's - nachos! American Idol. Chris needs to go home. I love the song that Jordin sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" - one of Mom's favorites. Not the best rendition I've heard, but I enjoyed it. Liked Blake's understated Imagine. LaKisha was a bit screamy to me. Phil's was okay. Enjoyed Melinda as usual.

Ended up voting for the next twenty minutes for everybody except Chris.

Can't believe they didn't kick anybody off this week and they're going to do a double one next week.

Watched Heroes... squeeeeeee!
No Dresden Files *wah*

Tickets for Loreena McKennitt!!!

Thursday, I met trektone and Marshall (aka BF2007) at C'era Una Volta for Dining Out For Life.

I enjoyed getting to meet Marshall and chatting with Joey is always fun. Marshall is a Jet (Encinal High) and I'm a Hornet (Alameda High) which had to be peacefully worked out. Long chat on American Idol =)

We all opted for the 4 course prezzo fisso - soup or salad, small pasta dish, entree & dessert.

I was very happy with my choices - cesear salad (anchovies!), canneloni di spinaci (yum!) and the eggplant parmigiana (which I had been craving!!!). There were only two choices for dessert - chocolate cake & creme brulee. Joey had gotten the last chocolate cake, so I was going to be stuck with the creme brulee (ick) - but they actually ran out of that (yay!!!!), so I got a cheesecake. Joey got the spinach salad, mushroom risotto and the lamb special. Marshall got the cesear salad, spinach soup, the lobster raviolis and the breaded veal.

I enjoyed the mushroom risotto (will have to get that next time) and the lamb was tasty. I stayed away from the lobster raviolis - just wasn't in the mood for hives, though every onece in a while I do chance it.

Marshall's "volcano" dessert - a brownie type cake with fudge and topped with coffee ice cream was the best dessert of the bunch.

Joey got two half bottles of wine - a merlot (which was very smooth) and an Amarone, DOC 2001, Tezza which was tasty - had a chocolate/berry taste to it.

I think Joey ended up drinking most of both bottles =)

We yakked and munched for over 3 hours!

Thanks Joey!

Friday, I met up with Foxy where he tortured me with another sing a long game. It would help if the display kept up with the music.

Then we went to dinner at Tied House. More nachos (because I was craving guacomole!), salads and buffalo strips. Foxy had been feeling off before hand, but after half of dinner, he was not doing well. Not sure if something he ate didn't agree with him or whether his "off feeling" of earlier was progressing into something worse. Hope he feels better quick.

Foxy & I have tickets for ELLIOT YAMIN!

Today, I need to go to cult gym and then some house cleaning and then homework. RSS feeds this week. Have to also figure out where faire garb is stashed - Southern Faire next weekend. ame_chan - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Tonight, Wee Party Girl will be wanting to party and tomorrow, she & I will go do something fun as Kyle & buddy are up to no good.
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