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Decided to sleep in Sunday morning instead of hitting the Farmers' Market. Went to Kyle's baseball game around 1:30. They're so cute!!! Interesting set of rules. Everybody on the team gets to bat each inning. Coach pitches easy overhand. If a team gets 3 outs, then the bases are cleared of any runners - but the team continues to bat until everybody gets a turn. I think there is a limit to how many pitches are thrown also. I was confused. I think it's 3 innings or 2 hours total playing time is a game.

Kyle did get a hit each time he was up. He also participated in several force outs - he played shortstop the first inning, left field the second (oh boy, he was picking daisies, doing cartwheels...) and catcher. His team won by one point! (Kyle, it's runs, not points)

Alani soon got bored, so we played tickle monster chase on the play structure. She also demonstrated how she could go across the big traveling bars. Pretty cool especially since the bars were over 6 feet high - it was a long drop for her.

Dinner was take out from Kamakura's - negihama - Kyle's favorite. Alani had udon with lots of tofu.

As I had promised she could come over to my place, she came over after dinner, had to take a bath (shades of Emily) and then she watched Pinocchio. Dropped her off at 8:20 - it would have been sooner except *I* fell asleep during the movie.
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