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So my ater the midterm, I read Keri Arthur's Riley Jensen book 3. Saturday night I read book 4. Book 5 doesn't come out until August. Wonder how many books this series will have?

Saturday was spent reading, picking up around the apartment and visits from friends.

Joycie came over for a chat about this and that.

Then trektone and lilacfairy came over to borrow my dsl. Houston - The IPOD has ignition! Lee's IPOD has been loaded with at least 3 cds via Joey's friend's macbook.

Dinner with Liz at Kamakura's. We sat at the sushi bar where we could chat and I could watch the A's game too (they lost =( *snif*)

Tried the Alaskan Roll - crab, avocado, salmon - deep fried and served with mayonaise, passion sauce and tobiko. It very tasty. Liz tried natto for the first time. I don't think she'll be ordering it anytime in the future. *hee* She did like the cajun crayfish roll. We also got maguro, salmon, negihama, unagi...

We got to try one of those rolls made with soy bean paper - it had something spicy in the middle - maybe spicy tuna?. Green tea ice cream and plum wine courtesy the owners too. =)

We ended up yakking for a couple of hours and then rolling out of the place. Faith (owner) is looking good and she says she'll be better in a little bit more and will soon be rid of her walker. She's recovering from being hit by car. Oy...

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Apr. 23rd, 2007 03:47 am (UTC)
Houston - We are in stable orbit!
Lilac Fairy's iPod now has closing on 70 cds loaded thanks to the gracious, generous, totally awesome Trektone and Debmats! Deb and her way cool family gave me a gorgeous 30 gig iPod for my birthday. Turns out my poor ancient iMac just wasn't going to be able to play with it. Thanks to Trektone I now have a loaner Powerbook that is importing music at supersonic speed! BTW, Joey- I've passed the half-way point of importing. I've just passed the 3 gig mark storage-wise. Only got 25 gig left.. Everything is working beautifully!

Did you guys all know that Trektone is a tech genius as well as as fabulous musician? And have I mentioned lately that I have the mostest wondefullest friends in the world? Well, I do!
Apr. 23rd, 2007 03:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Houston - We are in stable orbit!
Yay that the transfers have been going smoothly! It was fun hanging out with you, too!

Thanks Deb, for the connectivity and space to work stuff out!
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