Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Monday: The Good & The Bad

Found out that a coworker from the planning department had passed away on Sunday. He was being treated for pancreatic cancer, but he actually died from a massive stroke. Gary was one of the few people I know who actually did Ren faires and Dickens' faires in costume. He and I had been on the Alternate Transportation Committee since almost the beginning (over 15 years???). He also would come out to help at Relay for Life. He, like Jenny, was only 56 years old.

Blessings to count -
  • I got to take the kidlets to school. While Alani was running around and giving me hugs, Kyle was sitting underneath the slides, reading HP:The Chamber of Secrets. He's on chapter 11.

  • Right before the Woodside exit, traffic had suddenly stopped ahead of me and I hit the brakes. The guy behind me was going pretty fast and would have hit me if he had not swerved on to the shoulder at the last minute.

  • While unloading the ice cream, CSO pulls up behind and me wants to check the registration on the car. Good thing I finally got that smog check last week & did register the car. I was only 2 1/2 months late. No ticket or anything

  • Have everything ready for the Ice Cream Social
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