Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Must have done something good...

Opened up my left contact case this morning. No lens. Nothing in case. Checked the sink (I've got one of those mesh baskets in the drain just because I have dropped a lens in the sink) Figured that the night before I must have been very very tired and hadn't managed to actually put the lens in the case. I must have just filled the case with soaking solution and closed it up. The lens most likely was still stuck on the side of my finger.

Spent a good half hour trying to find lens - down on hands and knees to check the floor. It was possible the lens could have fallen anywhere between the bathroom and my bed. Dang. No luck. Pulled out my spare and went off to work.

Decided to try one more check when I got home tonight. Back to crawling around the floor. Emptied out the waste basket just in case. No lens. Shook out the bathmat once more. *ping* One grey lens. Go Me!
Tags: me

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