Debbie (debmats) wrote,

The weekend

Thursday, herefox and I saw Theatrework's Merrily We Roll Along. I enjoyed it, but I liked Alterena Playhouse's version more. I think it was because it so up close and personal (as in almost getting actors or props falling on you).

Friday was the homework thing.

Saturday, did the cult gym. Then K, G & I went to Ole's for brunch. Sisters *g*

K & I went to Tokyo Fish Market. Then we decided to walk from my place to the new Nob Hill Market and checked the new stores at the "new" shopping center. Walked back with a stop at Hawaiian Drive In for dinner. 4 miles walk. Go Us! I've got to up my walking as Relay for Life is next month...

Long chat on the phone with Joycie about this and that.

Sunday, I went to the Farmers' Market. Picked up half a flat of strawberries for the Ice Cream Social on Tuesday, plus daikon, some forcaccia bread, veggies for split pea soup, a couple of lumpia and some pork tamales. They had a crepe stand - got a salmon with green onions and creme fraiche. Yum!

Went to the chapel - Mom's birthday is Tuesday. Decided to put together a springy bouquet - red tulips, blue irises, white with red tip carnations and a yellow rose for Mom. There was to be a jazz concert later in the afternoon - wonder how it went?

Strawberries all cleaned and sliced. Still have to pick up a few more toppings, syrups and of course, ice cream.
Tags: family, life

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