Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Ajax, javascript and html, oh my!

Homework assignment has been submitted! Go Me!

15 whole minutes to spare!

Okay, it's mostly my fault - I tithed to Mat big time plus this week has been just bad.

What really made me crazy is that there is the %$!*$%$ case sensitive coding structure. Plus, the editors that I've been using do not tell me that variablename.Length is wrong and variablename.length is right. Because sometimes, some properties can go either way.

I spend more time trying to figure out why something is not working and it turns out to be the case sensitive bs.

I felt like screaming when I finally figured out what I had done wrong.

That's not counting the just plain typos. sendRequest(reuqest1, url) should have been sendRequest(request1, url) and drat it! It took me an hour and half to figure that one out.

Oh well. Midterm next week. Programming portion was supposed to be posted tonight, but I guess prof is running behind.
Tags: programming

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