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In Memory of Jenny Sonido - 1950-2007

Got a phone call from Joycie this morning that Jenny had passed away around 8:20am.

Jenny had been in critical care since yesterday. She'd been fighting leukemia for many years now and had been in remission until recently. The last round of chemo had been especially hard on her.

I'm thinking that the last time I saw Jenny was the day I took Wesley and misstsapinay out to see Camelot in early February. She'd looked pretty good then - I don't know if she'd been out of remission at that point.

I've known Jenny since - 1980 - when Joyce met and married her brother. We've gone on trips together. Bowled team and were co-league secretaries for many years. Done silly stuff. She was most dangerous with a video camera - it used to make me crazy how she'd have to tape at least 10 seconds of everything.

She leaves behind her brothers Primo, Joe and Ron. Sister Joe Ann, sister in law Joyce, brother in law Amado, nieces Laura, Melissa, and Allison and nephews Wesley, Shaun and Jessie. And oh so many friends.
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