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Ham is cooked. Potatoes are done. Loaded up the car and got to K's around 10am.

Brunch! While the kids were seated at the table, we put out their easter baskets in the living room. Alani was first one done, and she discovered the baskets and was screaming for Kyle to come see!

Kyle carefully goes through his entire basket and is soon playing with his puzzle book. Alani just grabs the first bit of candy she sees - a small box of jelly bellies... (I got the regular kind, not the Bertie icky flavored ones)

Egg hunt! Final count - Kyle found 13, Alani found 11. Some of the eggs had money in them, others had candy and some had both. I get the feeling the money from both ended up in Kyle's piggy bank. Alani likes hearing the kaching sounds it makes. Oh well

I was all set to go home and do laundry after brunch and was planning on coming back at 4pm. K told me I was staying and spending time with the kidlets. Ha! The kidlets went next door to play and were gone. I ended up folding laundry with G.

BBQ & Egg hunt at the Sato's. Besides Alani & Kyle, there were Matt (6), Michaela (4) and Trevor (3), plus baby Jessica (8 months?) and the wee 15 day old lad (whose name I can't remember!!!). Dean & Lauren are expecting their first (a girl!!! Grandma Jean can't wait!) in July.

We grew up with the Sato boys - Jean would pile her three and K, G & me in her car every Sunday for church. T'was very nice to catch up with everybody.
Tags: easter, family, friends

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