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The fact that my laundry detergent got swiped irked me a lot more than it needed to.

Ah yes. Moon days.

Spybot now freezes when it gets to COOLWWWSEARCH. What gives? I googled it, got a temp fix - but it didn't work for me. Back to the drawing board.

Driving to work today - the little tire pressure sensor lights up on my dashboard. Okay. I'll get it checked - I've driven all the way back from LA with the light on. It happens - slow leak of some sort or just pressure is low.

Nope. I just love going 70+ miles/hour on the freeway and feeling that thud thud thud of a tire going flat. The denial of "no it's not happening" to "oh shit, merge two lanes over, get off the freeway safely."

I have no idea what I ran over.

Of course, this is the day that my phone is at home. Ya know, the phone I bought to use just for emergencies like that.

Pulled over. I'm in an industrial area (right off of Industrial Parkway in Hayward). I go into the first business I see - Action Laminates. A very big shout out goes to the very kind lady there who let me use the phone to call AAA and her words of comfort. I really appreciate them. =)

I was only a little (HA!) freaked. Don't you just love it when you're shaking all over?

AAA came in under 45 minutes and I was soon on my way again.

Get over the bridge and am driving along the bayfront expressway when the tire pressure sensor lit up again. Then it went back off after a long minute or two.




Apr. 10th, 2007 10:41 am (UTC)
Poor Deb! I have sent a reconnaissance patrol of Irregulars to research the missing property--disregard any small sounds of distress you may hear from neighboring apartments, it's probably the TV, yeah, the TV...

Flat tires suck. Especially on the freeway, and I DO know whereof I type!


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