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Greetings of the Season!
Happy Hanamatsuri!!!

Ham is warming in the oven. Next up, I've got to clean & slice up the potatoes. In our house, for scalloped potatoes, it is more, would you like some potatoes with your cheese?

Trying out the oven for the first time in this apt. Keep your fingers crossed.

Plan for the day? Brunch around 10am. Living room Easter Egg Hunt. Around 4pm, we're going across the street for another Easter Egg Hunt followed by a bbq.

Got a phone call around 10:30 last night from G. "Do you have any of the plastic easter eggs??" "Yes, about 2 dozen. Why?" "Kyle was very sad that we were having an easter egg hunt across the street. He really wants one in the living room just like last year" "Not a problem"

I sort of figured he and Alani would want one anyway, so eggs are filled with some candy and some money and other surprises.

Speaking of Kyle, S decided to give him a hair cut. G decided to even it out. Joyce was called over for an emergency consultation. Joyce to the rescue!! Yay Joycie!!!

The kids colored eggs last night. Yay for dye not getting all over kids & house! They had a blast - orange and purple eggs, pink with stickers, blue and green - masterpieces! =)

I'm not besotted at all. Nope.
Tags: easter, family, friends, hanamatsuri

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