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FKO & the long way home

Somethings I really enjoyed but I have no memory as to when they exactly happened:

- Star Sisters by Urban Tapestry and Joey
- Stardust by Karen Linsley & Urban Tapestry

Oh and doing a double take because filkerdave's hair was suddenly very short.

Monday, March 26th -
OOOh, very early start - well, sort of. greenmtnboy18 and I met andpuff for breakfast at the hotel's buffet.

Peggi stopped by again to thank Alex for picking her raffle ticket. =)

Went back up to the room and finished packing. I cleaned out the fridge - did I every mention that the temperature guage in it was screwed up and it had FROZE MY DP!!!! One can did explode *sigh* Frozen grapes. Frozen fruit on the bottom yogurt. Oh well.

Joey stopped by with his leftover diet coke and gave it to Alex for the drive home. More yakking.

We finally made it out of the hotel before 1pm.

Went on a hunt for Krispy Kreme donuts. Alex got all excited because the RED LIGHT was on in the window. Watched as the donuts went down the conveyor belt - fried and then covered them with glaze. We got a hot, free donut. Oy. They do taste better HOT... but boy are they sweet. I think Alex ended up buying 3 dozen.

Took the scenic route to Niagara Falls. Just a bit of a detour. =) We drove through the city of Stoney Creek. I met a guy from there on my Austrailia trip in 1986. Hadn't thought about him in a long time. He had introduced himself as "the drug dealer" - Paul was a pharmacist and was working with his dad. Wonder how he's doing? I sort of kept my eyes opened for the Toohey Pharmacy as we took the scenic route through town. =)

Of course, we got the slowest boarder crossing lane. Got to the Falls around 3:30 or so?

I've been to the Canadian side of the Falls back in 1999. This time I got to see everything from the American side. Wow!!! And all the ice and snow! Alex had originally thought we might be able to walk the trail at the bottom of the falls but there were only piles of snow down there.

Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. I think we hit the road around 6:30 or so.

Around 8pm, we switched drivers and I basically drove the rest of the way home. I put Mich Sampson's cd in and it basically played for the next 6 hours. *g*

Waved to sheepwebby as we passed through Rochester.

It rained. The fog came down, but not too badly until we got to VERMONT. Then it took almost 2 hours to go the long and winding road (no see road FOG!!!!) back to Alex's. We were wiped. I packed and slept maybe a couple of hours.

Tuesday, we were back on the road to the airport by 6am.

I checked in. Had an egg mcmuffin for breakfast and once I was on the plane, I dozed all the way across country. There was a stop in Baltimore, but I didn't have to change planes.

We got in 45 minutes early. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and ick. My hair was plastered flat on one side and I had just walked half across the terminal looking like that. I usually don't have that problem because I normally stake out an aisle seat, but this time I got a window seat. *sigh*

K picked me up and we headed out to Berkeley to go rescue my van. See, G had managed to lose the keys - house, cars, everything while she was in class. She had worked out a deal with security so that the van didn't get towed. This all happened on Wednesday, the 21st. Because my car has an alarm and everything, it would have cost something like $600 or more to get everything unhooked and driveable. Usually you could just go the dealer and get a spare made & buy a new alarm fob, but she wasn't the registered owner. That would be me - me who was in Canada...

So we rescued my van. K & I had lunch at the old Mel's Dinner on Shattuck (no sure what it's called now). Went back to see the kidlets, dropped off prezzies. Then I went home and crashed.

Felt horrible on Wednesday - but it turned out to be just a cold and exhaustion. After lots of sleep, I felt pretty good. Hopefully, the flu that Alex had is the one that my flu shot will annihilate.

Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home...

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