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FKO - March 25th

I really wanted to go to the Children's Concert - Urban Tapestry!!! So, as it was a noon concert and all, Alex & I decided to try and hit breakfast by 10am. I was also interested in the harmony workshop at 11am. We got down stairs around 10:15 and missed hitting the breakfast buffet. It's really weird to have a buffet end at 10AM on a Sunday. Decided to eat on the bar side of the restaurant - chairs are plushier and we could people watch. Joey eventually joined us. While we were waiting for our food to come, there were chats with Tanya, nMC's Rick (hrrunka and I know I've seen on somebody's flist) and filkertom.

Went to the dealer room and bought Karen Linsley's Road to Roswell and Juliane Honisch & Katy Droge's Witch Way to Reality. Talked once more to Glenn about rolanni's quest for Meg Davis' Captain Jack & the Mermaid cd - he took the info down and would see if he could get a copy. Was good and didn't buy any of the sparkley bead jewelry nor any of the cool material to start quilting.

Caught the tail end of the harmony workshop. OMG - gorgeous stuff =) Figured out that the director, Ed Stauff (who I've seen before, but I didn't recognize), was the same guy whose music I had enjoyed the night before.

Children's Concert!!! Urban Tapestry with folkmew and Heather Borean. Loved the alien song, the banana slug song (complete with bright yellow socks) and of course, the Hockey Monkey song.

Penguin Idol - people sang their entries for the Penguin song writing contest. I think the words that you had to use included arrythmia, cacaphony and penguin. It's been several days and my mind is gone. LOL

Choral Presentation - the results of the harmony workshop. T'was a Deryni song written by Ed Stauff. Wow!

Filk Hall of Fame Concert: Songs performed by or for the new inducted - kbeader, keristor, Valerie Housden and the late Bruce Pelz. Loved Kathleen's Catalogue Queen which was immediately followed by Discipline Queen. It was hilarious how Judi Miller signed the song on the fly and how she totally lost it when she was done - she hadn't heard it before. Boy, truly impressive - we used to sign songs - but we knew the songs backwards and forwards before we performed them.

I didn't win Raphael. *sniff* Sibyl did. *sniff*

Co-concom Peggi had been chatting off and on to Alex about quilting. So when the time came to pull the raffle ticket for the nMC quilt, she had Alex come pull the number. She read off the number and there was no reaction from the audience.

Then she jokingly said "Oh, I'd better check my tickets". She pulls out her tickets and then just looks at them in shock and starts laughing "OMG". Guess who won? *g* For the rest of the con, she kept coming up to Alex and thanking him *g*

Con officially closed with the group singing of Sam's Song. Need to find the lyrics or mp3.

Had dinner at the Friendly Greek place. Spanokopita, Greek Salad and Gyros with rice & potatoes (no pita bread - just lots of meat). Alex was happy with his baklava.

Back for the Dead Penguin Filk. For a while, the circle consisted of me, Alex and Blind Lemming Chiffon. I did get a bunch of my questions answered on the different instruments BLC plays, but he ended up doing 99.9% of the singing =)

Sometimes, it gets frustrating because I don't know that many "popular songs", so when there are these giant sing alongs, I don't know them.

Some blurred highlights from the DPF - I can't remember most of the titles of the songs *sigh*
  • Joey sang Cranes Over Hiroshima while Judi Miller signed it. Gets me every time. janeg too

  • Karen Linsley's Pioneer of Mars

  • catalana and Bill Roper

  • Dandelion Wine

  • Juanita Coulson (and after I heard her singing, I got another song of hers, stuck in my head - I am Need) *sigh*

  • n'MC in various groupings

  • Playing Rapunzel's Home (When can I preorder their cd???)

  • andpuff
  • folkmew, the_gwenzilliad and Ed Stauff

  • Heather Dale

At some point, Alex & I joined Tanya & Joey up on the mezzanine level because the downstairs was packed. I also did some of my homework and Alex continued to quilt.

I was able to get a copy of Mich Sampson's CD. Score!!! *g*

Joey came and got me and said that hsifyppah would sing the Simarillion song. Yay! I'm not the only who has used the book as a sleep aid! So up in a stairwell, Brooke sang to me, Joey & Peter Alway, both the Tolkein song & an
Octavia Butler song that she really wanted Joey to hear. It was very cool!

I made it until 3-3:30?
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