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FKO - Saturday, March 24th

Had an early lunch at A & W - hamburgers & fries & a diet root beer - a definite comfort meal. Love A & W's root beer! I was a bit confused as to why there was no ice in the soda, but Alex pointed out the disclaimer on the cup "they don't want to dilute their soda, so they chill the soda".

Hit the Dealer Room. Oooh lots of pretty fabrics - with several quilting books. Didn't buy anything at that point. Did talk to dealer Glenn about rolanni's search for Meg Davis' Captain Jack & the Mermaid on cd.

Some time on Saturday, mbumby came up to me and said "Hi! I'm the Bitch". I was a bit taken a back - but then I realized she meant from lj. Joey and I had been talking the day before and he mentioned people who were at the Con. As I read his flist all the time, I am familiar with many of them - if only by their lj name. He had mentioned Margaret and I had said "oh, she's the one with bitch icon". So I guess he told her about our conversation and...

All the one shots have blended together... I did love Tanya's "heart on the porch song". Blind Lemming Chiffon's parody to one of Tom Smith's songs - having to do with elder gods. Tom snuck up on stage with a Cthulu hat and elder gods puppets and danced around BLC's head =)

  • Playing Rapunzel!!! OMG, I want their CD... Loved it when they sang A Thousand Ships in Greek! Loved Home too. Sholem with Urban Tapestry was just beautiful

  • Harper Gwen ! (for whom I still need to learn Greensleeves on the harp for)
  • More nMC - lovely, lovely, lovely

  • Tom Smith - Yay!!!! He sang Desert Storm which had ohiblather showing off her Wylie Coyote shirt

  • GOH nMC concert. *squee*

Egads, I'm turning into a rabid FanGirl...

FilkOntario & Filk Hall of Fame Banquet! At our table, Ingrid, museinred, her hubby, filkertom, Leslie, Steve Simmons, Bunny, Tanya, Alex, and moi. Buffet dinner with salad, lasagna, beef medallions, rice pilaf and other stuff which I can't remember.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame: the late Bruce Pelz - a Los Angeles filker, fan, archivist and more, nMC's keristor and kbeader. Yay Kathleen!!! The ceremony was very touching!

Song Contest - the theme was Harmony. The only song I remember was Carolyn's (?) song about Harmony from Buffy =)

Interfilk Auction: As usual, this had me laughing so hard my tummy hurt *g* Joey and his $69 bids. Joey did win the Sholem sheet music and a copy of the performance. /me makes bambi eyes at Joey. I really want to hear it again.

The only thing that I really wanted to bid on was the Urban Tapestry - Songs from Debbie's Living Room package - cd, music, filk fan and a bunch of other stuff. Oy! It went over my limit within the first few bids. It finally went for $569.

Alderwood room for filking - theme was UK Filk. Heard lots of new stuff. Had never heard Nessie before - complete with hand motions - some with socks on. I managed to stay up until 3am or so.

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