Debbie (debmats) wrote,

FKO - Friday, March 23rd

Opening ceremonies! Oooh, memory is fogged.
Enjoyed concerts by Phil Mills and Tom Jeffers!

GOH/Filk Waif/Interfilk/Special guests - N'early Music Consort (aka nMC)!!! Wow! They sang Blood Wine *sigh*

Hats off to ConChairs Judith & Peggi and the rest of the concom for getting all 16 members from England to Canada!

I wish I was more familiar with Gilbert & Sullivan. I know I missed a lot of the nuances by not knowing their music.

Ended up in the Alderwood room for filking. The theme was "North American Filk" hosted by Judith & Peggi. Loved singing along to Lullaby for a Weary World. =) Enjoyed hearing Peter Alway play his ukelele sized banjo and dulcimar. Healther Dale sang and play dulcimar too.

I wasn't familar with lots of the songs - makes singing along difficult - but I'll get there.

There was a Dorsai circle which I could have gone to - at least I know about Dorsai =) Oh well.

Didn't stay up too late.
Tags: fko

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