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Sapphire blue. Most definitely.

Looked at my hair this evening. Been toying with dyeing my hair something dark enough that I'd get some sort of deep blue highlights. Last time I dyed my hair, the color was mahogany and looked like fuchsia going on. Deep brown with violet highlights in the sun.

Alani decided to help me make my decision. Yes, I've got blue in my hair. A blue streak on face and more streaks on white Relay for Life t-shirt. Cotton Candy Blue. Oy. Nope, the blue needs to be darker.

For Relay for Life (American Cancer Society fund raiser) next weekend, we're planning on streaking our hair with those hair mascara things. I'm planning on trying out at least the sapphire blue stuff and maybe a purple streak or two. I'm pretty sure that they're temporary... *g* Our team name is The Night Crawlers - so we're going to color our hair and maybe wear those antenna deelie bobber thingys. Bright t-shirts.

Still in search of sponsors - let me know if you'd like to donate. =)

* * * * * *
Hmmm, haven't posted in over a week. What have I been up to?

Spent a week ago Saturday doing the sister bonding bit. Got some snuggles in with Kyle and Alani. For a change, K & G got into a snit - it's usually me and G. It was actually nice to be outside of the storm. Sunday, I think I spent most of the day hibernating and catching up on some work =(

Work, work, work. Got to take K to SFO at the cheery hour of 4:30am. I mean ohveryearlyearlybirdsnotevenawakeyet 4:30am. Good thing it was a telecommute day. Was able to crawl from desk to bed when work day completed. Just for that, K has agreed to take me to Oakland airport when I go to BaltiCon at the end of the month. My flight is at 6:10am. *weg*

* * * * *
Thursday, had an enjoyable evening at Water Course Way. Got room 9 Bats - cold plunge, steam room and hot tub. Definitely needed the break. Foxy & I ended up at Buca di Beppo's again. Too much food as usual. I'm still eating the leftovers (garlic mashed potatoes... yum)

* * * * *
Friday, 9/80 day off. Was supposed to do laundry, and sort through books and other stuff, but hey... it was my day off. Ended up curled up in bed and finished Cerulean Sins. Richard is still a wuss.

Finally got my butt in gear and went to the chapel and put flowers on grandparents, auntie haru & uncle ruzzy, and mom & dad's niches. hmm. It would have been dad's 77th birthday. And then there's mother's day. I think after mom died, the hardest "holiday" to deal with was and is mother's day. That first year, all the advertising and even in the following years, getting email ads about "don't forget mother's day" is still hard to handle.

Picked up pizza at Zachary's - there's not a whole lot of stuff in apt to eat as I still haven't made it to the grocery store to do some major shopping. Got half meditterranean and half pepperoni, black olive & onion. Figured Foxy would enjoy his half and I could eat mine once I got back from the ballgame. Tried to talk Foxy into going to the ballgame with me, but for some reason he just wasn't interested *g*.

Met up with Rachel, one of the plushie pushers from the store by work. She's the rabid Yankees fan - the one that I had Mat looking in empty seats for the limited edition Yankee comic book last August. Mat was successful and she was a happy camper. A's did beat the Yankees =) Go A's!

Yakked with Foxy and then he made me play Suikoden III. Yet another game that is going to eat up hours of my time =)

* * * * *
Saturday, Foxy & I decided against the Ole's thing and had Costco muffins instead, followed by DDR (oy, need to practice) and a quick trip out to Dark Carnival for book geeking. We then met up with Joey and his friends Lucy & Noelle at Rosenblum's Open House. Tasted much wine, and got there early enough that there were lots of goodies and not too many people. Zin ice cream with chocolate was delicious, but the voigner sorbet was so so. Was good and only bought some of the kangeroo cabernet sauvignon.

Ended up at Amarin in Mountain View for dinner. Tried their curry fried rice - the Alameda Amarin's green curry fried rice is much better *g*. Wandered about Castro street for a bit - hit the used book store (always very dangerous) and then went and saw X2. I enjoyed it - liked Night Crawler. Was sad about Jean Grey, but then Foxy says that has happened several times already. Can you tell that I haven't really read the series?

* * * * *
Sunday - had talked to G on Friday and she said she was really stressed. Was feeling *nice*, so I said I'd take the kids to the ballgame and give her a few hours peace. S had to work the weekend so she was going a wee bit kiddie crazy. I knew what I was getting in to, so I have nobody to blame but myself. A 3 year old and an 19 month old have much different attention spans and Kyle is most definitely a terrible three at times. Very selective hearing. Push limits. Has definite ideas of what he wants to do or NOT to do. What I had going for me is that there were lots and lots of people (over 45K) and Kyle wasn't going to push too hard as that many people can be intimidating. *g*. Oh... and bribes of cotton candy help.

{besotted auntie mode}
The kids were sooo cute. Kyle was in his green A's jersey with his name on the back and his hat flopped down in his eyes (just a bit big). Alani was in her A's rookie romper and had her hair in wee tails (and I mean wee). Ahhhhhh.
{/besotted auntie mode)

Did manage to stay at the game through the 7th inning. A's did beat the Yankees again!!! Kids fell asleep almost immediately in the car. 90 minute nap. Go Me! Dropped kids off at home. Nap time for auntie.

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