Debbie (debmats) wrote,

What I did in Brattleboro...

Oy, it seems so long ago.

Monday, March 19th, included lots of yakking with greenmtnboy18. We did a bit of shopping - I needed warmer socks - my boots are not insulated enough for the wilds of Vermont. So, sock shopping, pure maple syrup shopping and t-shirts for the kidlets. Met Alex's niece Emily for dinner at Olive Garden in Keene, NH. Quick trip to D&D store, but it was closed - no dice for Alex.

Tuesday was running errands - did get a quick visit with Alex's parents! Visited the Subway shop where Brandon is manager. Did you know that they sell pickle flavored chips? Weird taste. At lunch, I learned that Alex loves eating chips with pickle juice. Me, I'd prefer the chips to be crunchy, not soggy.

I had a blast in the bead store. After watching kbeader at Consonance these past two years (I really did want to win her beaded dragon Raphael *sniff*) and seeing others' bead projects, I've gone back to beading. I haven't done it in eons. Later, I kept going through my bead stash and thinking "ooooh pretty. all mine".

So that evening, I *volunteered* to help with Alex's work's monthly event mailers. Thank goodness there were about 8 other people. Fold, fold, fold, stuff, stuff stuff. Jerrod and I had worked out a system which worked efficiently until Alex kept interrupting with "STOP. WE NEED TO DO ALL THE BULK MAILERS" or "STOP. WE NEED TO KEEP THESE SEPARATE BY ZIP CODE" etc.

There was pizza - I have never had a "bacon burger" pizza. I am not sure that I will ever have it again. Oy! *g*
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