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Last night peeked in at the informal gathering for early FKO attendees. Didn't stay very long, but I did get a chance to hug filkerdave and meet sexybass.

Alex & his tummy were not happy, so we zipped down to the drug store. Slowly figuring where everything is in relation to the hotel.

Today, I went to the cult gym. Go Me!

Alex & I went to the Royal Ontario Museum and spent most of the day there. They had a visiting exhibit on the Sican people of Peru. T'was very interesting to me as I had taken several classes in pre-columbian cultures of south america in college. I still have my textbook on the Moche. All the information on the Sican had been discovered in the late 80's and most of the excavations had taken place in the late 90's - which explained why I didn't remember reading about them. Very cool.

We also checked out the Greece and Japan exhibits. Brain dead at that point.

Had ice cream again at Gregg's. It was almost the same time as yesterday! We again watched the tow trucks park across the street...

We're all registered for FKO - guess we're going to skip the "Tie, Tails and Tea" meet and greet as Alex is taking a nap. I'll wake him up in a bit so we can go downstairs for opening and then concerts!!!

Had dinner at Kelsey's. I had a caesar salad with grilled salmon which was quite good. Unforunately, I'm craving something else. Mashed potatoes?

Note to self: Here in Canada, ice tea is served SWEETENED!!!!! I think I will be sticking with water or maybe ordering hot tea & a glass of ice. I'm always afraid that I'll get a glass of soda that is not diet (unless I actually can see them filling the glass)
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