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Pre-FKO - March 22nd

This morning, while I was checking out the gift shop, I heard my name being called. T'was trektone! Considering we live less than 20 minutes away from each other, it seems ironic to finally get a chance to talk to him here in CANADA!!!

He, Alex & I ended up having brunch at the Golden Griddle. I had my first taste of peameal? I guess it's a type of bacon or pork? Tasted good. Then we drove to Bakka books and spent a good hour perusing the shelves. Note to kinzel, they had copies of Tomorrow Log, Crystal Soldier & Crystal Dragon.

Had a quick snack at Gregg's ice cream. Had to keep watching the time as it was illegal to park where we parked after 4pm - we were back to the car at 3:53. We saw two two trucks waiting at the corner and decided not to take any chances.

Dinner at the Swiss Chalet. There was a choice of chicken or chicken. I had chicken.
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