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It was cool to watch the falling snow flakes "sparkle" in the headlights. It was not cool when it got to the point where there were TOO MANY snow flakes falling as we drove from the airport back to Brattleboro Saturday night.

Strange conversation # 347: In reaction to seeing ostrich picture on the wall in the booth. "Just how is that ostrich holding onto the trumpet?" "He must be sitting down and has dislocated his legs. Otherwise they wouldn't reach around that far"

Yesterday afternoon, Alex, Deb & I went over to Brandon & Katy's to watch the two hour pilot of Blood Ties. Unfortunately the tape & their vcr had a disagreement, so that didn't last long. So we tried playing Munchkins - herefox, you may need to buy this. The little creatures are so cute =) Had to cut the game short as a celebration dinner was planned for 6:45pm at the local 99's. (sort of like Applebee's).

Three booth fulls of Potters - Alex, Deb, Brandon, Katy, Spenser, Brittany, Emily, Eric, Laura, Jenn, Brian, Amanda, Dakota and me. I think I got the names right. Fun dinner =)

Afterwards, I got dropped off at Forty Putney Road - the B&B I was treating myself to. If you check the link, I was staying in the Garden Room. Lovely, lovely - gas fireplace & fluffy down comforters. I had a nice chat with the owners - Lowell & Lindsey. I also got my Dresden Files fix.

This morning, I had a lovely breakfast of fresh fruit, belgium waffles and eggs. Then I checked out, was picked up by Katy and we went to the local cult gym. Go Us!



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Mar. 20th, 2007 03:04 pm (UTC)
Munchkin? Card game? I have that, at least.

Btw, the pilot of Blood Ties is downloadable from itunes for 2 dollars :-P
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