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Happy secret revealed!

It's quiet this morning. VERY sunny. Lots of white stuff all around. I'm enjoying this bit of peacefulness, chugging on my first dp of the day.

It's been a busy few days! Flew in on Saturday - no problems with flights except getting baggage in Hartford. It took an HOUR to get my suitcase & duffle bag. (Why two bags? Because I realized late Friday night that my usual suitcase was in storage and all I had was the samsonite weekender and my pepsi duffle bag in the apt.) While I was waiting at luggage, I heard tentative "Debbie???". T'was Spenser, Brandon & Katie. Yup, I wouldn't have recognized Spenser - he's taller and his hair is longer and he's 3 years older! They took me to dinner to Outback Steakhouse and dropped me off at greenmtnboy18's apt. I crashed. Alex and drinteot were off on romantic tryst. =)

Sunday morning, well, technically it was noon here, Alex & Deb came back. I had just woken up, so after letting them back in, I did a quick run to the bathroom. Morning mouth, ick. While I was in there, I suddenly remembered..."did he ask her? Did she say 'yes'?????"

I came out, and then Alex squealed "She said YES!!!". Yay!!!!!! Deb showed me her lovely ring and then there was much hugging and squealing!!!

Congratulations to Alex & Deb on their engagement!!!!

Secrets are so hard to keep... =)



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Mar. 20th, 2007 12:22 am (UTC)
Yay!!! Kuni and Corronor_Bob and I are all cheering loudly!! Bring on the sparkles!

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