Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Packing, packing, packing...

Well, I still do not know where I'm going this morning. Southwest's online flight status is down. My, I wonder why? *sigh*

If I can get from here to Baltimore, but not from Baltimore to Hartford, I will fly to Baltimore and then go visit an_sceal and marigot for the evening. Thank you Reesa & Michelle for the kind offer of hospitality! Unfortunately, I won't know for a while.

If I can't get from Oakland to anywhere, then I will crawl back into bed and maybe fly out on Sunday, though they were all booked when I was making my original reservation. Oh well, there's always Monday.

If I don't get there on Sunday, somebody needs to use the B&B reservation as it's too late to cancel.

My computer is having a hissy and will no longer to talk to my isp. Or something like that. I am currently using dial up. My computer will talk to the wireless router, but keeps getting the "cannot get ip address" error. I will have to take care of this when I get back.

Oh, and AOL 9.0 has suddenly collapsed, so I'm using 8.0.

I did finish my final around 9:13pm. I had two hours to finish it - 6 whole minutes to spare. Now it's on to Ajax.

I think I overpacked again. It must be the See's candy...
Tags: travel

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