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What's this "white stuff"???

Silly me, I'm flying to Vermont on Saturday. Driving to FKO on Wednesday. I've been checking out the weather channel. I think I'm in for a rude awakening.

There is a forecast for snow! You know that "white stuff". I don't do "white stuff". This is going to be interesting. If there will be a lot of "white stuff", I'm in trouble. greenmtnboy18, I have driven in "white stuff" once or twice in my ENTIRE LIFE and then it was very light. You have been warned. =)

Also? The high for many of the days is going to be 32 F. I'm planning on going to the cult gym while I'm out there. It's a 2 mile walk from the FKO hotel to the nearest gym. I don't think my sneakers are going to cut it. Nope, nope, nope. I think I need to go find some boots. Oh? And maybe pack sweatpants... Walking around in shorts is probably not a good idea either.
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