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Blurred Impressions of Consonance 2007

I am sleep deprived. My bum is numb. I have tunes running through my head...
  • Friday included concerts by Kristoph Klover & Margaret Davis and Kathy Mar. Missed Adam Selzer's concert - but really enjoyed his songs during the filk circle

  • Meeting ohiblather

  • Hearing gorgeous harmories all evening long from Kathleen Sloan on one side of the room and Callie Hills on the other. Stereophonic even =)

  • Going to bed at 1am. herefox stayed up longer

  • Going nuts all night trying to figure out which Christmas song was used & what exactly the fabulous filk was. It was a great filk - I just laughed after that first moment of shock, but I was so brain dead I couldn't remember!

  • Saturday - Concerts from 1pm on. Bum was numb, but the ears were happy! Leslie Fish! Gwen Knighton! Jeff, Maya & Alex Bohnhoff and lots more!

  • Asking the christmas filk lady about her song and getting the story behind it. "Jawas roasting on an open pyre"... Darn it, I didn't get her name!

  • Interfilk auction - usual insane silliness!

  • Jeff Bohnhoff is very evil. He filked vixyish's Mal's Song by changing a single letter in the chorus. Charlotte's Web meets Firefly. People were running to the front of the room so that they could see vixyish's face as the truth dawned... "You can't take the STY from me!"

  • Bob Kanefsky strikes again! He wrote it, vixyish and friends serenaded cadhla with it, and broke cadhla hee hee!

  • A beautiful trio by Kathy Mar, Kat & Kendra. Oy, it was just gorgeous

  • Was in bed by 3am

  • Sunday concerts! Nancy Freeman. Two-fers (including a Trekkie rap). Vixy & Tony and more

  • Juried one shots - very, very interesting to watch. You gotta have lots guts to do it

  • Alan Thiesen's heart felt song about Dave Alway had me in tears and I had never met tnatj - I'd only read his lj via Joey's friends list.

  • I can listen to Dave Clement all damn day long!!!

  • Confirming that Jeff Hitchin was the guy who had done the fantastic Tech Support and letting him know how much I enjoyed it. Also, how I had almost broke the email server by sending it to everybody in I.T. Ooops...

  • At dinner, asking for and receiving "seats with cushions". Hostess was very understanding after we told her we had been sitting on uncomfortable chairs for the past 6 hours and needed all the help we could get

Next year, bring a pillow...



Mar. 5th, 2007 03:26 pm (UTC)
should we pack cushions for FilKONtario?! :-D
Mar. 5th, 2007 04:33 pm (UTC)
The seats weren't that bad. Just after sitting in them from like noon until 6pm and then from 8pm until 11 and then until 3am over multiple days, even a recliner might get old. =)

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