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Decades Mememe

40 years ago - 1963 - Oakland, CA - Don't remember a whole lot.
My grandpa died in October. Have vague memories of visiting him. I remember sitting on mom's lap for the funeral? Family home service? It's also tied together with JFK's assassination. Adults all upset. Mom crying as we watched the funeral on the little black and white tv in the kitchen.

35 years ago - 1968 - Oakland, CA - end of 2nd grade, beginning of 3rd. I remember everybody being sent home one day in April. All the Oakland schools were closed because of Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination. For safety's sake? Rioting? I remember my friend Eugene crying because he didn't know where to go.

Third grade - Edmund, my best friend of first & second grades wouldn't play with me anymore because *I* was a girl. My new best friend was Desiree and we did everything together. Hey, Hey! Monkees were on tv.

30 years ago - 1973 - Alameda, CA - Times were changing. Miserable period in my life. We moved to Alameda. Totally different mind set. Didn't really fit in. Part of it was being in a new school, part was puberty. I had known majority of the people in my old school since kindergarten, so this was my time at having to "fit in". It was also the first time that I had been called on my asian heritage. "Hey Chink" Got hit with stuff alot that first year. Was very strange. Thank goodness for books. Enchantress from the Stars, the Prydain series...

25 years ago - 1978 - Alameda, CA - Trying to adjust to Dad's death the December before. Graduated from high school. High school turned out to be a much better place for me. Met some of my best life long friends - Sony, Joyce, Lisa, Julie, Eleanor, Liz.

Senior Prom. Forget the prom *g* I got my first ride in a Cesena that night. Tommy picked me up in the family yellow bug. We drove down to the North Oakland airport. Pulled into the lot and he turned to me and said..."if you haven't figured it out yet, we're going to dinner via the plane". Oy. Flew from Oakland to Livermore. Taxied from the runway and parked in the plane parking lot at the Red Baron restaurant. Flew back to Oakland - he even let me try to fly (yeah nothing to hit up there) the plane. Dance at the Mark Hopkins in SF was sort of anti-climactic. *g*

Off to college

20 years ago - 1983 - Alameda, CA - Graduated from Hayward State with a BS in computer science. Had worked my way up from clerical helper to programmer/payroll person.

Went to Europe for 58 days - 22 countries. It was wonderful. England, France, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia... Some of the places I went to and seen, don't exist anymore. The warnings we'd gotten when we went through Check-Point Charlie into East Berlin. Berlin wall. Scary to a kid who'd never been away from home more than a day or two.

15 years ago - 1988 - Alameda, CA - Had finally gotten my own apt the October before. Went to NYC to see Karen graduate from Columbia. Was working as a contractor/consultant. Not super happy about it - not real crazy about not having any job security

10 years ago - 1993 - Alameda, CA - Just coasting along until November. then dealing with Mom's catastrophic illness. Not just cancer, not just huge bleeding ulcer, infected hip, but septicemia - blood poisoning. We nearly lost her then. She was in a coma for almost a week and between all the infections and the fever and the antibiotics, she lost her hearing. Surgeries to remove the infected hip bone, the esophogeal cancer, the ulcers. Oy. I've always wondered what type of person I'd be if mom hadn't gotten sick. Taking care of her for 19 months and dealing with all that came with it - it's made me a much stronger person.

5 years ago - 1998 - Alameda, CA - went to Japan for three weeks. Got to meet my mom's first cousin. Spooky - he looked just like my uncle george, mom's oldest brother. Had an interesting chat about the descrepency in ages between my grandma and grandfather. Somebody wasn't telling the truth - my grandfather was 20 years older than his picture bride wife. Mom's cousin didn't think that his father would have allowed his younger sister to marry a man so much older. The mystery continues *g*

1998 is also the year that I got to meet in person a whole bunch of new friends. The internet is truly a wonderful thing =). Met Rainy, Badger, Kev and Mat.

1 year ago - 2002 - Alameda, CA - Spoiling da nephew and niece - taking joy in watching them grow. Dealing with deaths of beloved family members. Dealing with illnesses of friends. Learning how to deal with cats on a daily basis.

Yesterday - Worked on site in SSF. Ended up doing a run to Lee's to feed Gemma and pick up clothes. Went to Kaiser to drop stuff off and visit Lee, but found her fast asleep.

Tomorrow - Visiting with da sweeties (Alani & Kyle) Cleaning up after vacation. Suitcase still needs to be unpacked.

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