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I was in the mood to do something yesterday... and of course, nobody was around to do anything. I did get a a phone call around 7pm - "Auntie Debbie, can I have a sleep over? Please!!!?" So I had the wee party girl over again. Supposedly she had already eaten dinner, but she said she was hungry and ended up eating a bowl of noodles.

She watched 2 episodes of Kimba- the white lion - Candian version - different theme song. I *liked* the old version =) We also watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I hadn't watched it during the holiday season, so I guess it was due.

Bedtime around 9:15 or so. She didn't even make it through the first song on the Snoopy speakers (Ed Stauff's Lullabye). She must have had a tiring week.

By morning, I was falling off the edge of the bed. She woke me up before 8am. "Time to get UP!!" I put on Snow White - I haven't watched it in eons. We got half way through and then she wanted breakfast at Old Macdonald's. She definitely was hungry - eggs, hash brown patty, biscuit with lots of "butter", pancakes and syrup.

Dropped her off. K & I went to the Farmers' Market. Then we walked up to Jade Villa and got dim sum for lunch. Boy, the restaurant was packed (but the to-go side was empty!). Happy New Year!

Kids and I made Killer Koala cookies. Alani & Kyle still love to sneak pieces of dough, lick the sugar from the cookie cutters and other mayhem. Hopefully things got sterilized at 400 degrees... K & G were happy to get their annual cookies.


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