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Feb. 11th, 2007

Feeling very tired this week. PMS? T'was a busy weekend, so not a whole of battery charging done. Oh well.

Let's see, besides the homework stuff, Thursday was a bit crazy because several of uss took some time off from work to attend a coworker's father's funeral. He'll be another one to remember at this year's Relay for Life. *sigh*

Saturday, hit the cult gym, then K & I went to Tokyo Fish Market. My fridge is now stocked with tsukemono! Picked up shishito, nori and some gorgeous hamachi. Yummm...

Had the wee party girl over for another sleep over. "Old MacDonald's" for dinner as usual (along with G & Kyle). Then she and I watched Spirit (yet another horse movie). I read her the Disneyfied version of the Black Cauldron and she crashed soon after that. (We listened to Ed Stauf's Champlain Summer again on the Snoopy phones).

At some point during the night, after she had pushed me all the way to the edge of one side of the bed, I just got up and got in on the other side. There. Space for both of us. It took her until morning to roll all the way back over. It's not so much that she rolls, it's that she "rocks" - she stretches and I get whapped in the face or her leg kicks me in the back or... Oh well =) It's still lovely to spend time with her.

She woke me up around 8 or so, in a happy mood. She clanged on the rod iron head board - "ring ring!! That's two bells, time to get up!!!" Ugh. She was hungry and would like to eat NOW. Scrambled eggs, bacon and honey nut cheerios. I had warned her that I didn't have any milk. She said "that's okay" and then poured her glass of water into her cereal bowl and ate it that way. I don't think I've ever seen anybody eat cereal with water...

Dropped her off and then K & I went shopping for the rest of the day. Farmer's Market, Eddie Bauer outlet, Sportsmart, lunch at Ohana's, Mervyn's, Bon Voyage (luggage store at South Shore Towne Centre), Walden's, and Safeway. I found two pairs of pants at EB that fit me perfectly - length and everything - in a smaller size that I haven't worn in years!!! Ego boosts are good. Preordered both HP7 (got the Trust Snape sticker) and also Web of the Trident.

Dinner at K's. Hamachi, rice, tofu, turkey curry, and lots of nori. Kyle rolled up his first sushi - modified negihama of course. =) Both kids went at it with their snoopy chopsticks.



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Feb. 12th, 2007 03:16 pm (UTC)
I think it is so totally awesome that you've stuck with the cult gym this long. Go you! And congrats on the pants! Feels good, doesn't it? (not that I would know, at the moment...*growl*)

Heehee- and another Trust Snape. I knew there were some of us out there!
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