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The week (or more) in review

Last Saturday, Me and the godkids (Wesley and misstsapinay) went to see Camelot - starring Michael York & Rachel York (no relation that I could find) at American Musical Theatre of San Jose. It was a good show and we all enjoyed it. The kids are content with the birthday/christmas go see a show prezzie, so we'll continue the tradition. Wonder what they'll pick this year?

AMTSJ's new season includes Beauty & the Beast, Little Shop of Horrors, Guys & Dolls and Cabaret. There was no serious poinging over any of them, so we'll see what else is out there.

Last Monday, herefox and I went Theatreworks' annual announcement party for their next season's shows.
What's on the horizon?
  • The Elephant Man
  • Theophilus North (adapted from Thorton Wilder's book)
  • Emma - new musical based on Jane Austen's book - from the same people who did Jane Eyre
  • Golda's Balcony - based on the life of Golda Meir
  • Shakespeare's Twelfth Night - a sort of musical set in the 60's in San Francisco - flower children and all. Probably no shipwreck for Viola, more likely a bus crash
  • Wendy Wasserstein's Third
  • Southern Comforts
  • Caroline, or Change

Did taxes on Sunday, submitted them Wednesday. Go Me!

Love Heroes!!! NCC1701 - had to go back and watch the episode just for the license plate. (the joys of streaming video). Totally surprised at who's Claire's biological father.

Very glad that auditions are finally over for AI.

Still hooked on Weffriddles. It's all sillermoon's fault.

Stuck on 1-22. I know what the symbols mean, but I can't figure out the correct answer. It's making me nuts. 1-21 was crazy too. I had no ideas what the "gangsta" hand signs meant. Vulcan salute - yes. The other two? Frustrating.

And then there was HOMEWORK!!!! *sigh*
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