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Homework has been turned in. With a whole 2 1/2 hours to spare.

I finally gave up on the one assignment and just started from scratch. With just a few fixes, it worked perfectly. Go figure. I must have had some typo or missing {}; or whatever somewhere and I'd been looking at it for too long and just didn't see it. Most of the assignments take less than a couple of hours each - I did the other 4 for this week in under 6 hours. I spent hours on THAT one. All I had to do was calculate what time it was in 6 places in world and display the time. That's it!

Midterm next week - it covers the first 4 chapters plus the 2 review chapters on html & css. There is a two hour written test & 2 programming assignments. (programming can be done and turned in by 11:55pm next Friday)

Grrr... dinner? Craving pizza.
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