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javascript makes me crazy!

So, I have this bright idea to take two classes this semester. One is javascript and the other is ajax. I've been winging javascript in some of the existing programs and I just need a good grounding. Ajax - I know very little but we'll be using it soon. They're both short classes - 8 weeks each. The ajax class doesn't start until May.

Homework is due every Friday by 11:55pm. This means reading through two chapters, doing the tutorial problems, case study (1-2), and review questions. Ah joy, learning a new syntax - especially remembering that stupidProgram is not the same variable as stupidprogram AND the drat semicolons.

My program should work!!! But it's not.

"run time error has occurred. Do you wish to debug? Line 39 error: object doesn't support this property or method"

it's dying on the line which read thisMinute = timeObj.getMinutes();


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