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I finally have certified copies of my birth certificate! Rather than deal with SF traffic and parking, I BARTed in. Took 5 minutes to turn in the form and pay for them. Then I had to wait 40 minutes while they found the microfiche and printed out two copies. It's probably a good thing that I hadn't tried to do this before going to work.

Last night, I saw Theatreworks' Ambition Facing West with herefox last night. Second half was much better than first. It was okay - I probably would have enjoyed it more if I weren't feeling so zonked. Had a very quick dinner at Don Giovanni's.

Yesterday, several coworkers and I got together and did a "roll your own sushi" lunch. I don't think I've done this at work in like 10 years - we were still in the old building last time. I think they were expecting some kind of "magic". *g* Nope. Just practice. One of the ladies was going to Cost Plus after work to get her own bamboo rolling mat. Informal lesson on how to make sushi rice (cook rice, toss with vinegar/sugar/salt mix), miso soup (broth + miso + tofu) and how to make inari sushi (stuff tofu skin with rice). Oh, and Safeway does sell perfectly respectable maguro... I think Gina's family is in for a surprise!


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